How to care for your jewellery

Caring for your jewellery is imperative in keeping your pieces shiny and nice.
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We recommend treating your jewellery with care ensuring it will look good after extended use. A good rule to live by is that jewellery should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off in the evening.

Put on make-up and perfume before the jewellery and avoid swimming, showering or sleeping with it. Rings should be removed before washing hands, or before using products containing alcohol like anti-bacterial gels and wipes.


Storing the jewellery correctly is also an essential part of keeping it shiny and free of scratches.

Store your pieces separately, in a dark, dry place preferably in their boxes.


Due to their alloys even precious metals like gold and silver can oxidate with time, creating tarnish on the surface of the jewellery. The good news is that this can be polished off to restore sparkle.

To combat tarnish, we recommend cleaning the piece with a jewellery clean according to the polish manufacturer’s instructions.